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The 5th factor of modern industrial production

The 5th factor of modern industrial production

Classical industrial studies in text books had 4 factors essential for industrial production, for students to study:

Land, labour, capital, and raw materials.

But in the modern context, a new ,inevitable factor of industrial enterprises is self evident - -ie. governmental support, or the policy factor of the government in power. This 5th factor is the central factor that every successful, giant industrial houses care to lay hand first, before venturing into any large investment. Without having a firm grip in the political power sector, a link often equal to a partnership, no sensible industrial house can confidently invest money in the industry. If any one  takes the risk without this pre-arrangement, it would be to his peril ! 

Such partnerships are often in the form of huge contributions towards party fund of political parties. Or, an offer of  directorship to some close relations of the minister concerned. This new face of capitalism, and business is the hallmark of the modern DEMOCRACY. It is clearly a partnership affair between industrial houses and professional political parties and leaders, which is famously known in the pet name of 'crony-capitalism' today. 

At lower level, it thrives on such understandings and sharing of profits between the political power holder and the entrepreneur.( Member of Legislative assembly level, or a police chief level, or a political party secretary level. Even at still lower levels, it can take place as an understanding with a factory owner and an electricity Jr.Engineer for power theft )  It is an un-refutable reality of modern day politics involving democracy ! But the mainstream world, chiefly led by the industry owned media houses, pretends to be unaware of it, and present to the people the beautiful images of an OPEN, FREE world !

People are merely a means to cater to the institutionalized, electoral  form of government formation in democracies. Elections are plain commodities , which need to be  strategically managed using sophisticated propaganda techniques -- - -there are electoral market -specialists who first decide the effective ‘electoral issues’, popular slogans and catch-words for people,media and communities to consume, and then turn their mandate in the desired direction. It is a virtual war ,wherein results are the only the justifying factor for any means adopted. Hence any anti-social, irrational tactics could be used to woo public attention, and the final product, the vote. Millions of black-money are invested into this unique venture because the asset in question is an unprecedented one; ie. Throne of power in the country, an unheard product in the past world ! If the past history was full with stories of wars and coups for the throne, today, the story leads to unheard marketing stories of political leaders and groups !

In the above scenario, the concept of an OPEN WORLD is a mere fantasy ! Those who keep such utopian dreams are foolish and na├»ve. But media are in the game of making the world appear open and transparent as possible, in tune with such images any average man has learned in his school text books.

Media was the only strata in  modern human societies who could have safe-guarded public interest, in a world of above seen silent secret pacts and understandings. But this sector  has, as said earlier,  mostly been bought over by the industrial houses, hence the traditional media interference and activism to save the world, also remains a fantasy and an impossible dream !

Would it be trickling down of the surplus among the poor, or sieving out the poor in capitalistic societies ? 

If the TRICKLING DOWN theory was true,( belief that the surplus wealth created by the capitalists would slowly but surely trickle down through all economic layers of society   till it reaches the bottom poor one day, freeing everyone from hunger and thirst) the  rich-poor ratio of  75% of the world’s wealth in the hands of  25% rich- a quarter century ago, would not have been moved to 85% -15% ratio as of now ! So, it is a sieving out the poor and the un-desired is what actually takes place in capitalism. Those who can not take part in the process of business is dead-wood for industry and hence declared useless. Those who can not take blind orders from up, and obey the authority of the neo ‘high castes’ ( the more and more useful for the entrepreneur class) also are discarded as outcastes in modern capitalistic societies.

But nature is kind to all. She directs the such discarded ones against their one-time oppressors and enemies, in the form of purse snatchers, high-way robbers, burglars and even as sophisticated underworld characters ! Terrorism is also an after effect f the same cause , but as a different face of the same  sieving out from the mainstream society. It has rather a larger geographical dimension than caused  directly by  localized issues. 

Sustainable peace will erode mankind till the world collectively learn the natural lesson of  not institutionalizing relevance and the importance of any one native ability of man, over that of any other man. If  those who were in the profession of serving God had an upper hand in society in the olden times, followed by the institutionalized authority of the most well-armed and well trained in warfare later on, now it is the turn of the entrepreneur in the
world ! Equality is yet to be defined on newer grounds. Those interested to know more on this new dimension of equality are invited to our blog link:

(Authored by Abraham J.Palakudy, a researcher and seeker of PHILOSOPHY,mind, Reason,Spiritual and Polity related truth.)

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